Driving Lessons Tallaght Prices: The Ultimate Guide

Driving Lessons Tallaght Prices: The Ultimate Guide

Driving Lesson Prices Tallaght

As a chief driving instructor at Driving Lessons Tallaght, we know the importance of being a good driver. It not only helps you get around the Dublin in a safe way but also adds to your professional reputation.

If you’re in Tallaght, Dublin, and looking for driving lessons, you’ve come to the right place.

In this guide, we’ll give you a detailed breakdown of the prices of different driving schools and services available in the area.

Essential Driver Training

EDT is mandatory for all first-time learners. It comprises 12 lessons that aim to enhance your basic driving skills.

The average price of EDT package of 12 driving lessons in Tallaght is €400.

However, the cost may vary based on the school you choose, the type of vehicle you opt for, and the experience of the instructor.

Pre-Test Driving Lessons

These are tailored to meet the requirements of the RSA driving test. These lessons aim to build your confidence, fine-tune your skills, and prepare you for the actual exam.

The cost of pre-test driving lessons in Tallaght starts from €30 and can go up to €50 per hour, depending on the school.

Automatic Driving Lessons

If you want to learn to drive an automatic car, these are the lessons for you.

Automatic transmissions are becoming increasingly popular and are more fuel-efficient than manual cars.

The average cost of automatic driving lessons in Tallaght is €40 to €50 per hour.

Again, the price may vary depending on the school and the experience of the instructor.

Intensive Driving Courses

Intensive driving courses aim to help you learn quickly and efficiently.

They are perfect for those who have a tight schedule or need to learn driving in a shorter period.

The cost of an intensive driving course in Tallaght varies from €500 to €800.

It usually includes a certain number of lessons and one or two mock tests.

Refresher Driving Lessons

Are you someone who has been driving for a while but feels a bit rusty?

Refresher driving lessons are designed to polish your driving skills, teach you new techniques, and make you feel more confident behind the wheel.

The cost of refresher driving lessons in Tallaght ranges from €30 to €50 per hour.


Learning to drive is not just a skill, but an investment in your personal and professional growth.

We hope this guide has given you a better idea of the prices for different driving lessons and services in Tallaght, Dublin.

Remember, when choosing a driving school, it’s important to consider the reputation, experience, and quality of the instructors.

We wish you the best of luck on your journey to becoming a safe and skilled driver!