The Prices of Headstones in Ireland

The Prices of Headstones in Ireland

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Headstones are an important part of end-of-life ceremonies in many countries, including Ireland. In Ireland, headstones are usually made from either granite or marble and the prices for these materials can vary greatly depending on the size and shape of the stone, as well as the quality of craftsmanship involved.

On average, a basic stone without any additional inscriptions costs around €800 to €1,200.

You can get a more accurate headstone price from Farren Memorials with inscriptions or grave maintenance.

For those who want something more elaborate or want to add personalised inscriptions on their headstone, there will be an additional cost.

The type of material used for the inscription will be taken into account when pricing this extra service.

Generally speaking, bronze is typically more expensive than other materials such as aluminium or stainless steel but it also offers a longer life span when exposed to weather elements like wind and rain.

Headstone Inscription Prices

On average, the cost of adding inscriptions ranges between €150 and €200 per letter.

When choosing a headstone design with inscriptions in Ireland there are certain rules to consider.

The most important thing to remember is that all text must be in Irish or English according to regulations set by the Irish National Cemetery Authority (INCA).

Furthermore, it is also possible to choose from a range of symbols and images which can express emotion or commemorate faith but these must be approved by INCA before being added to a headstone design with

The size of the inscription may also come into play when determining the price of a headstone with added engravings.

In general terms, larger inscriptions require more time and effort to create so they tend to have higher costs than smaller ones; however this depends on the type of font chosen for the text as well as its complexity.

Prices for larger fonts can go up to €250 per letter while simpler fonts are usually cheaper at around €100 per letter.

Finally, when selecting a headstone design with added inscriptions it is important to keep in mind that some cemeteries may impose certain restrictions on what can and cannot be included due to local regulations or space constraints so it is best to check beforehand if there are any specific requirements which need adhering too.

Additionally, if there is any religious content included in an inscription then it must first be approved by INCA before being allowed onto a headstone design.

Overall, there are numerous factors which affect the cost of purchasing a headstone with added inscriptions in Ireland ranging from material choices through font sizes all the way up towards local cemetery regulations;

however prices generally start at around €900 for basic stones without any extra embellishments and can exceed €2000 depending on complexity and size making them an important consideration when planning end-of-life ceremonies in this country.