Why Choose National Driving School for Driving Lessons Dublin

Why Choose National Driving School for Driving Lessons Dublin

Driving Lessons Dublin

Driving Lessons Dublin with National Driving School has been in business since 1992 and since then has gone on to become one of the most reputable driving lessons Dublin.

With standards always at the heart of everything they do it’s easy to see why they are regarded as the place to go if you want to pass your test.

Spearheaded by it’s proprietor, Kevin Horgan has become one of the most sought after driving instructors not only in Dublin, but in Ireland as he has one of the most successful ADI training pass rates in the country training driving instructors.

Local Driving Lessons with National Driving School

If you need driving lessons in Dublin? We operate in specific locations and we have some of the best driving instructors in the following locations:

Kevin and his own team of driving instructors will definitely benefit you once you engage their services and just checking their google reviews ensures you are in the right place to pass your test.

Pretest Driving Lessons Dublin

Knowing what the tester wants to see and how the tester marks the marking sheet is crucial for your understanding of how to prepare for the test.

A bit like knowing what’s coming up in an exam if you like.

We teach you to think like the tester does and we are able to get you to understand what they like and dislike about certain things whilst on your driving test.

Knowing the marking sheet inside out is extremely important and shows you the sections that are looked at in detail from position on the road, to observations, reaction to hazards, mirrors, sufficient clearance, reverse around the corner, turnabout.

They actually give you demonstrations as to how to do all of this and have a suite of training videos and test route videos on their social media platforms of youtube and Instagram.

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  • Pretest Driving Lessons Dublin
  • Automatic driving lessons Dublin
  • Mock test and Pretest Driving lessons
  • Car Hire for Driving Test

EDT Driving lessons Dublin

Since the introduction of the EDT programme in 2011 they have helped thousands of Learner drivers get on the road safely.

The EDT programme is a beginner programme that’s structured to complete 12 EDT lessons with lessons 1-8 being in order then 9-12 can be any order.

Practicing with a sponsor is the only way to advance and develop as the 12 lessons alone will not suffice to be able to pass your test. We advise around 30-40 hours if on road driving before trying to sit the test.

Learners who present too soon suffer badly on test and it’s damaging from a confidence point of view.

They assess your level and guide you what’s best once they have established your level. Its up to you after that to take the advise or not.

Automatic Driving Lessons Dublin

National driving school have 6 Automatic cars including Fiestas, Golfs and Polos.

Automatic Driving lessons have increased hugely in popularity with more and more drivers taking the Automatic option . Some say it’s because they want to be green concious or others just want to learn faster and don’t have the time.

Automatic lessons are easier as you only have a brake and accelerator so it’s much less to think about when it comes to gears and clutch and does provide a level of calmness to some learners who would otherwise be very stressed and anxious. Give Automatic a try and see how you feel.

What ever you need in terms of learning to drive then the guys over at National Driving School have it all in abundance.

25 years providing quality driving lessons in all areas of Dublin.

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