The Importance of Management Training

The Importance of Management Training

Management Courses

Why is management training important? What are the benefits? Do you need management training? What kind of training should you seek out?

These are all excellent questions and we will try to answer them in this short article.

Can you be an effective manager without training?

Let’s start with these important questions:

Do you really need management training?

Let’s start with these important questions: Do you really need management training? Can you be a good manager without it?

You can get by as a manager or supervisor without formal training, but lack of training can have the following potential impacts:

  • Your role will be much more stressful
  • You will find it hard to respond to challenges and manage conflict
  • You will not have the support of tried and tested management structures
  • You may be unsure of your capabilities and management style

Without training, it can be difficult to really get into your stride in a management role.

What are the benefits of management training?


“Manager” is a role that comes with many different responsibilities.

In a management role, you need to be able to:

  • respond to different situations
  • support and guide your team
  • stay on top of your own workload
  • work towards goals and deadlines

While the role may vary slightly in different organisations or industries, these responsibilities will reliably always fall under a manager’s remit.

Through training, you can acquire skills and techniques that are proven to support your role.

With structured approaches to rely on, you can focus on the immediate situation in front of you with the reassurance that you’re using a trusted method for managing any challenge.

Advice and Guidance

Our management courses are only ever delivered by professional trainers who also have extensive, real-life experience in management roles.

When you attend training delivered by seasoned management professionals, you gain valuable insights and guidance on achieving the best from your management role.


We incorporate an “understanding management styles” module on every management course we run.

Why? Because understanding different management styles – including your own – is very important for becoming the best manager you can possibly be.


Through practical learning and acquiring a set of versatile, relevant skills, you’ll feel more confident in your ability to match any situation that comes your way.


Most management courses include a module or two on key organisational skills.

Knowing how to prioritise your time and delegate tasks is essential for staying on top of things in a busy management role.

What kind of training is right for your management role?

The answer to this question will depend on your situation and level of experience.

New and Untrained Managers

If you’re new to management, we recommend an all-rounder, such as QQI People Management.

This course is a fantastic way to build a solid management skill set from the start.

It’s also a popular choice for managers and team leaders who have been their role for some time, but have not yet completed any supportive training.

Experienced Managers

If you have several years working in management under your belt, why not look at honing and expanding certain skill areas?

Completing a Management Coaching Course or a Project Management Course could be an excellent way to develop new skills that complement your existing strengths and experience.

Find What Fits Best

If you’re not exactly sure what kind of training to choose, we recommend the following steps:

  1. Identify any areas of your role you would like to feel more confident carrying out.
  2. Take time to research courses that will help you reach that goal.
  3. Talk to course providers. Engaging with potential training providers will help you make informed decisions about your training and development.

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