What is Lean Six Sigma & How Does It Help My Career/Business?

What is Lean Six Sigma & How Does It Help My Career/Business?

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What is Lean Six Sigma?

Lean Six Sigma refers to the application of the combined process improvement methodologies of Lean and Six Sigma.

When used correctly, these methodologies can dramatically alter and improve a process or business.

Lean originated in the manufacturing sector, and focuses primarily on identifying and eliminating waste within a process.

Six Sigma became popular in Motorola in the 1980s. The goal of Six Sigma is to reduce or eliminate variations or defects in any given process.

Although they originated in the manufacturing and technological sectors, Lean and Six Sigma are utilised in almost every kind of business today.

The philosophies and applications of Lean Six Sigma are just as relevant in the hospitality sector or a pharmaceutical company as they are in a car manufacturing plant.

How does Lean Six Sigma help my business?

It’s possible to see, even from a very basic description of Lean and Six Sigma, that the combined application of these methods can streamline processes in your business, and enhance their quality and reliability.

There are many reasons that businesses decide to begin adopting Lean Six Sigma training. Here are some of the top reasons we hear from clients:

1. Reduce Costs

Creating more efficient, streamlined processes cuts down on overheads.

2. Increase Savings

In turn, eliminating waste leads to more savings – in both time and costs.

3. Improve Quality

Reducing the variations and defects in an operation boosts its overall quality levels.

4. Solve Problems

Analysing how you do things provides you with fresh perspectives on problems that have might have existed for a long time.

Once you begin implementing Lean Six Sigma Green Belt, you’ll begin to spot new approaches to solving long-standing blocks to productivity.

5. Heighten Efficiency

All aspects of Lean Six Sigma contribute to a higher level of efficiency in your business. Processes are streamlined, areas for improvement are highlighted and optimised, and as a result, teams are more motivated and productive.

How does Lean Six Sigma help my career?

Becoming a capable and qualified Lean Six Sigma practitioner at any level is an excellent career move.

You can see from the business benefits above why organisations of all sizes, and in every sector seek to introduce a process improvement culture.

Those who hold recognised and respected certifications in Lean Six Sigma, and a working knowledge of how to apply these methodologies, are in demand in all industries.

Getting Lean Six Sigma certified expands your career options and increases your earning potential.