What is the Scrum Team and Roles?

What is the Scrum Team and Roles?

Scrum Master Certification

As the name might suggest, Scrum project management was inspired by how a rugby team operates during a match.

It is a project management technique that focuses on self-organising teams performing in short, highly-productive bursts.

Why are Scrum Team Roles Important?

Scrum Team members have clearly defined roles and responsibilities.

To keep the project work moving quickly and efficiently, everyone must be aware of what part they play in the Scrum framework, and what tasks they are responsible for.

When this happens, Scrum ensures that everyone is supported and no crucial task is missed or forgotten.

Scrum empowers the individual, trusting in the motivation and capability of each team member to carry out their role successfully.

  • The Customer
  • The Scrum Product Owner
  • The Scrum Master
  • Scrum Developers (Scrum Team)

Understanding The Scrum Team Roles

The Customer

In Scrum, the customer is a key part of the project’s success. They are involved at a much higher frequency than in conventional project management.

As Scrum projects have shorter cycle times (Sprints), the customer will see results faster and receive regular communication from the Scrum Product Owner.

The Scrum Product Owner

Often called the “key stakeholder”, Scrum Product Owners are organisers and communicators within the team.

They communicate frequently with both the Scrum Master and the customer to ensure important information is conveyed.

They also define the project’s criteria and reprioritise as necessary throughout the Sprint (project cycle).

The Scrum Master

Scrum Masters are the mentors of a Scrum project. They have a high level of knowledge about Scrum processes and aim to ensure that the principles of Scrum are applied correctly at all times.

Scrum Masters also need to create an ideal working environment for the Scrum Team. They remove any obstacles to productivity and coach the team on how to apply Scrum effectively.

Scrum Team / Scrum Developers

Aside from the Scrum Product Owner and Master, anyone else working on the project deliverables is called a “Scrum Developer” or simply “Scrum Team”. The word ‘developer’ is a hangover from Scrum’s origins within software development.

Where Should You Start?

There is no right or wrong place to begin your Scrum training. The most popular training option is the Scrum Master Certified course, as the Scrum Master plays such a pivotal role in the project’s progression.

If you’re training a whole team, we recommend starting with the Scrum Developer Certified workshop to ensure everyone receives the same level of knowledge and skill.